Health Clinic.

We have two naturopaths working from our clinic, both with 20 years of experience in the field. Lara’s interests and experience is focused on women’s health, detoxification and auto immune disease. Lara is personally experienced in these areas, and has a passion to help others. Mel has a keen interest in the wonderful world of the microbiome, environmental medicine and its link to illness and disease. From the gut, mental wellbeing to hormone balancing, Mel is happy to assist clients of all ages to a state of balance and wellbeing.

During a consultation, we will listen, take a thorough health history, provide education, and make a plan to empower you. Treatment plans are evidence based, and will include herbal and nutritional supplementation, dietary guidance and lifestyle recommendations. It’s often a journey, not a race when it comes to managing your health. We are here to help you start and encourage you to continue.

Consultation fees

Initial consult – $120  (1.5hr)

Follow up – $90  (1hr)

For bookings contact the store on 0423 667 005