Naturopath Health Clinic.

We offer a naturopath clinic on a Friday; a space where you can explore your health widely and initiate change. Vanessa, our naturopath, offers holistic strategies to restore and maintain health by learning about oneself, and the unique story that makes us who we are. An understanding of how our body, mind, and spirit impact our health is essential to the healing process. Vanessa will treat the root cause whilst addressing the immediate discomfort that often accompanies illness.

With 15 years of experience, and complementary skills in counselling and mental health management, Vanessa has an interest in women’s and children’s health, chronic illness, anxiety, and depression.

Treatment plans are evidence based and may include herbal or nutritional supplementation as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Functional testing may also be offered to gain a deeper understanding into what is happening within the body. These tests can predominantly be done in your own home, and you can read more about them below. 

Consultation fees

Initial consult – $155 (1.5hr)

Follow up – $95 (45 minutes)

Mini Review – $50 (15 minutes)

Vanessa is available for appointments outside of Friday, please call the store to book Tuesday to Thursday. Please note that these appointments need to be paid upfront.

If Fridays are a good fit for you, click the link below to book online.


Book now or call 0423667005

Functional Testing Available.

Dutch hormone & Stress Testing

The all-in women’s hormone test! A fantastic way to measure your hormone levels, but also how they are metabolised and the affect this has on your body. Helpful for PMS, fertility, perimenopause & period irregularities. Testing for stress hormones may be useful for understanding and supporting fatigue, anxiety, insomnia and weight management.

Unique Genetic Profile Testing

An interesting and personalised test that shows you your individual gene pathways, how they may be influencing your health, and how to best support your wellbeing.

Omega 3 Test

A simple test to assess your healthy fats with a focus on omega 3 and 6 levels which are essential for reducing inflammation, skin health, brain health, pregnancy, weight management and heart health.

Food Inflammatory markers

Food sensitivities can show up as a skin rash, headache, joint pain, allergic rhinitis, digestive problems, and effect auto immune disorders. This food inflammation test shows if you’re having an antibody (immune) reaction to certain food and checks for leaky gut.


See if mould, heavy metals or other environmental toxins are causing your brain fog, digestive issues, low energy and other mitochondrial (energy factory) disorders with this comprehensive test.


This test is ideal for those suffering from any digestive complaints. A thorough test for commensal and pathogenic bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses, leaky gut, pancreatic function as well as gut immunity/ mediated inflammation.

Apothecary and Iridology.

On Monday’s we offer free mini iridology sessions from 9:30am – 10:30am.

The study of the iris looks at health patterns and possible predispositions. An interesting tool to see what individualised areas of your health are worth supporting for optimal wellbeing.

Bookings essential by calling the store.

We also have an in-store apothecary, where our talented Naturopath and Herbalist can make you up a personalised health tonic on the spot.

We have a large herbal dispensary and are passionate about blending you a suitable tincture, tonic, cream, or gargle! We can dispense single herbs and also accept prescriptions from integrative doctors and allied health practitioners.

No bookings are required for this service, just pop in or call on a Monday.

Please note this service is for acute health concerns, we recommend that you book in the clinic for more chronic matters.






DISCLAIMER: Iridology and Functional testing cannot be used as a diagnostic or treatment tool for medical conditions. All functional testing must be accompanied by a consult with our Naturopath and is at an additional cost to the consultation. Our iridology service is complimentary.