About Us.

Welcome to our store. We are an authentic health food store in the centre of McLaren Vale. We believe in fresh organic food, sustainability, great lifestyle balance and living with a happy heart.

We find joy in our aromatic, colourful produce, lovely customers, delicious coffee, raw desserts and sharing knowledge about health. We offer all the usual suspects you would hope to find in a health food store with a few extras.

We have our naturopath Morgan available in store to help you with any health or supplement questions. As well as a naturopath clinic if you are ready to dive in to a new, well supported health journey. Visit our Health Clinic page for details and to book.

Organic Fruit & Vegetables.

Food is at the centre of our health. Therefore we see the importance in organic farming methods that increase the nutrient profile of our food. Organic farmers play a vital role in putting nutrients back into the soil, they help to preserve natural resources and work with the natural cycles of the land, encouraging eco-systems for future sustainability.

We also believe food should have amazing flavour, be fresh, and reflect the season. We aren’t fond of synthetic sprays and growth agents that pollute our environment. We are dedicated to sourcing produce locally whenever possible to support our farming community. Come and see us in store, or check out our online store. We have 2 x pre-made produce box options – Essential Box or the Family Box. Or you can build your own order.

Bulk Foods.

Buying in bulk is better for the environment and your pocket. We have a large selection of organic and conventional foods including whole grains, flours, legumes, nuts, dried fruit, treats and honey. Our peanut butter is ground fresh in store and we have the worlds best organic tahini.

Gluten Free & Vegan Food.

Our owner prioritises finding gluten free, dairy free and low allergen foods that taste good. She has an auto immune disease and knows first hand the changes necessary for healthy living.

Come in to see our selection of ready made foods and single ingredients you can use at home. Our range includes breads, raw treats, baked goods, fritters, cereals, flours, hot chocolates, salads, snacks and curries.

Health & Supplements.

We have a great range of health supplements to support the body toward wellness. Our Naturopaths are around to have a chat and help advise you on something suitable.

We recognise everyone has different health needs and therefore stock a variety of herbal and nutritional supplements to guide you back into balance. Our naturopath Mel is also available for consultations in the health clinic. See our health clinic page for more details on Mel and her services.

Body, Bath & House.

For the skin we have some great lines that will hydrate, tan, cleanse, soothe, protect and reduce inflammation. Some of our brands include ili skin tonics, The Jojoba Company, Eco Sonya, Weleda, Noosa Basics, Moogoo, Biologika, Whites Soaps and make-up by the talented Gemma Vendetta.

We also have body and cleaning products in bulk, simply bring in a container to refill when you visit. They are grey water safe for the garden, low allergenic, well priced and save our environment from all those plastic bottles. Our eco-friendly range keeps improving. From cleaning cloths, to shavers, combs, body brushes, drink bottles, produce bags, baking mats and more; we are making the swap to sustainability much easier for you.

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Store Opening Hours.

Monday to Friday 8am – 5:30pm

Saturday 9am – 3:30pm

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